What's your number

What’s your number?

It’s really an interesting question.

Your lucky number? Your phone number? Your favorite number? Your birthday? Or your age?

You know all of these numbers. The number I want you to think about you do not know…I am sure of it.

The number I am asking you to think about is the number of days you have to spend on this earth.

You don’t know the answer. But there is one who does. He is the one who gave you the number.

He is God.

Psalm 139:16 says, “Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

Here are a few definitions for the words in that verse:

Your = God’s

Unformed body = You before you were born

Days ordained = The number of days God determined you would live upon the earth

Written in your book = God’s big book where he recorded the days He gave you before you were born

So what’s your number?

You don’t know…but God does. He gave you your number of days before you were even born.

Now if you subtract the number of days you’ve already lived from your God-given number…you will arrive at the number of days you have left on this earth.

The problem is you don’t have all the info you need to figure this out.

So here is a thought. If you don’t know the number of days you have left…since each day could in theory be your last…maximize each day for the Lord.

In other words, live each day like it was your last.

See, you can’t change your number. The only thing you can do is live well today.

Think about tomorrow. If tomorrow were your last day…how would you want to live it.

What would you prioritize? What would you not spend time on?

If tomorrow were my last day, one thing I would spend time on is developing my relationship with God. I would make it a priority.

The takeaway is this: make tomorrow about developing your relationship with God. And the day after…and the day after.

I guarantee one day your number will be up. Perhaps the day will surprise you…perhaps not.

But one thing I promise you. When your number is up, you will stand before Jesus. At that moment you will not regret the time on earth you spent cultivating your relationship with him…the time you spent cultivating your spiritual growth.

So start tomorrow and make your spiritual growth a priority.

Make the most of every day by pursuing your relationship with God. Make every one of your numbers count.