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Spiritual Growth in Motion is a practical spiritual growth guide based on biblical principles. In its pages, Jamie draws on his 20 years of pastoral experience and his own struggles with spiritual growth to show you why your spiritual growth is important and the key practices nessessary for you to experience sustained growth. 

Have you ever wondered why it seems few followers of Jesus succeed at acheiving real spiritual growth? What's missing is a very practical and understandable system of growth that enables Christ's followers to consistently experience the growth they desire. Real Spiritual Growth helps readers learn how to practically put spiritual knowledge to work in their lives.


There are times in the life of every follower of Jesus when his or her spiritual growth needs a little jumpstart. In this book, Dr. Jamie Swalm lays out four simple yet profound steps to revitialize your relationship with God. Where you are in a spiritual rut or you feel an inexplicable distance from the Father, these four ways are sure to restore the connection and enhance the spiritual growth you've been wanting. 

Jamie Swalm goes deep into the heart of worship. Yet the deeper he goes, the more he discovers that worship is at the surface of our lives, every day right now - the choice of who and what to worship driving every human action. As you explore worship with Jamie, you will find that worshipping God is not a program. Rather worshipping God is a lifestyle. It is an exsistence, a way of being and connecting with God.

As a youth pastor, author Jamie Swalm found himself in such a despondent place that he refused to preach. When his senior pastor asked him why, Jamie replied with this shocking yet honest statement: "Because I have nothing good to say about God." In this difficult but real exploration of following Jesus, Jamie explores what it means to bear our cross, why we must do so, and how to endure so we can stay the course and finish the race. 


Are you ready to stop managing and start leading? Do you want more energetic, inspired followers? Is it time to rediscover your passion for leadership? In Shepherd Leadership, author Jamie Swalm gives you powerful leadership principles from arguably the most successful leader in human history. Religious beliefs aside, Jesus' achievements are astonishing.  



Dr. Swalm does a great job of walking the reader through the way God sees us, and the way he lays out the critical steps for growth in Christ through his Word. I know that this book will personally bless you and strengthen your walk.