So far we’ve explored 1st John 1:1-2. Those verse contain a very detailed description of just who Jesus is. Today in Part 3, we cover 1st John 1:3-4, where John explains why he told us who Jesus is. Again, let’s take it phrase by phrase.

1st John 1:3-4: We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ. We write this to make our joy complete.

We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard

John has already written this in verse 1 and 2. Why repeat it? Because he is restating his authority to write what he is writing about Jesus. He is writing as a firsthand authority. One who has seen and heard “that who was from the beginning.” One who has seen and heard Jesus. But okay, John, why are you telling us this? He goes on and answers the question.

So that you may have fellowship with us

The biggest question I have with this phrase is who is the “you”? In context the “you” are the people John is writing to about 2,000 years ago. Yet since the words are the words of God, today in context John is writing to us. He is writing to you.

Alright…now I understand. John wants me to have fellowship with “us.” But who is the us? In context the “us” is John and those he is with. But they are all dead. So what does it all mean?

The teaching is we have fellowship…a relationship…with everyone who has a relationship with the one who was from the beginning. That includes every follower of Jesus today. But remember in heaven it will include every follower of Jesus who ever lived. As amazing as it sounds, if you are a follower of Jesus you will one day have face to face fellowship with John in heaven.

And our fellowship is with the Father and with his son, Jesus Christ. Here we learn Jesus is the son of God the Father. Both Jesus and God the Father are from the beginning. That means when we have a relationship with Jesus we have a relationship with one another. That relationship is called fellowship. This means, practically speaking, we have a special bond with one another through Jesus. So we are like a spiritual family together with all followers of Jesus.

We write this to make our joy complete

Now we know the ultimate reason John wrote not only 1st John 1:1-4 but also the entire book of 1st John. He wants his joy to be complete and those with him. What will make their joy complete? That we, you and I, will have fellowship with God the Father and Jesus Christ, and, therefore, have fellowship with John and the followers of Jesus he is with. This is amazing for two reasons.

First, we have fellowship with everyone today who is a follower of Jesus.

Second, we have, or will have, fellowship with everyone who has been a follower of Jesus throughout history. Imagine that…every human being who has been a follower of Jesus, regardless of the time in which they lived…having fellowship with one another for the rest of eternity. That’s amazing!

What does it all mean? Here are three takeaways from Parts 1-3 of Who Is Jesus?

1. Jesus is “that which was from the beginning.” Older than dirt, the earth, than space and time. And we can read the words he spoke in the Bible. Amazing!

2. He offers eternal life. He’s showing us how to live the abundant life now and in eternity.

3. This life Jesus offers puts us in relationship with God the Father. It also puts in relationship with all Christians, everywhere and in every time.