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Perhaps the simplest way to jumpstart your spiritual growth is to get more Bible into your life. Over the years I have tried dozens and dozens of ways to accomplish this on a regular basis. I have found four which have worked really well for me. I share them here with you.

I suggest you take a week and try each practice below. Choose the one which is best for you and do it every day.

  1. Read the Bible daily. This is perhaps the simplest way to get more Bible into your life. Pick up a Bible, and spend time reading it every day. Start anywhere you like. If you are new to the Bible let me suggest starting with the first four books of the New Testament called the Gospels. These describe the life and teaching of Jesus.
  2. Listen to the Bible daily. Listening to the Bible daily is a great way to save time while getting more Bible into your life. Maybe for you listening to the Bible is easier than reading it, or more convenient. It’s something that can easily fit into a busier schedule. Try listening during your commute to work or while exercising. The other advantage of listening to the Bible is it creates a different perspective than reading it. Listening to the Bible brings out slightly different understandings than reading it alone. I have often found listening to the Bible a great compliment to reading it for this reason.
  3. Memorize Bible verses. When you memorize verses or passages of the Bible, you gain a deeper level of understanding. I recommend that you develop a list of favorite or meaningful verses and passages and continue to work on memorizing them. A little while ago I read through the book of Ecclesiastes. While reading it I made a list of my favorite verses from the book I later wanted to memorize. At the end I had a great list to help me memorize Scripture.
  4. Study the Bible. This means studying the Bible in depth using various study tools and aids. This could mean something as simple as using a dictionary to define words, or using a written guide to create a more personal, involved, reading experience. It could mean using what is called a Bible Commentary where other individuals comment on the meaning of the Bible.

If every day you get more Bible into your life, you will experience enormous spiritual growth.

Remember, this process always works because it depends only upon the power of God at work within you through the Holy Spirit.

So let me challenge you to do this: read, listen, memorize, or study the Bible for 15 minutes tomorrow. Pick a time right now to do this. Now pick a place. Keep that appointment and make it a habit. It’s the best way to jumpstart your spiritual growth.