Too often Christian Leaders feel pressure to compromise either their faith or their leadership.  The reality is you can be both a strong leader and a strong follower of Jesus at the same time. Faith Based Leadership Coaching is the process through which I help Christian leaders from Pastors to CEO’s to organizational leaders of all types lead more effectively while maintaining a strong faith. Schedule your free 20 minute coaching consultation today






Performance coaching shows you how to increase your performance across all areas of your personal life. The process helps you determine your highest return on activity behaviors necessary to achieve your goals and helps you engage in those behaviors daily at a high level. 


Leadership coaching focuses on helping you become a better leader in specific areas of your life. The process looks at your current leadership roles and areas you would like to begin leading in and implements strategies and tactics to improve and foster greater influence among your followers. 


Business coaching takes a deep dive into your business and helps you identify and strategically implement scalable organizational models and systems. These models and systems will make your business more profitable, help you grow your business, and save you time in the process.


Spiritual Growth coaching looks at your relationship with God and helps you grow closer to God. The process helps you to more deeply experience God’s presence on a daily basis resulting in greater fulfillment, peace, and joy. This coaching is for those who are serious about growing closer to God.


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I came to Jamie unaware of the personal distractions that were blocking my business and financial goals. With Jamie‘s guidance I have been able to overcome these obstacles and now see the clear paths to successes in my life.