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Function more effectively as leader.

Implement strategies to improve your business.

Draw closer in relationship with the Lord.
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What People Are Saying

  • I was buried in my activity, held down by my situation, losing control, and needed help. Jamie‚Äôs coaching and support changed my paradigm; I am now on a path of achieving my potential, not just surviving another day. Jamie continually helps me identify and focus on the key thoughts and behaviors that keep me moving forward. I appreciate that intellectual information and accountability is given by someone who walks the walk and delivers effective, practical advice. Being in control, and using my energy to intentionally accomplish the right things, is a whole-life changer.


  • Real spiritual growth, sustained transformation into Christ-likeness, is something that is elusive for the vast majority of those who call on Christ as their Savior and Lord. His book leads you into the profound simplicity of how the spiritual transformation Jesus promised occurs, and leaves you with simple convictions about how to express your faith in His promises. I’m a bit of an egg head and I speak from that perspective when I say that while there is a lot more that can be profitably studied on the topics covered in this book, it is really as simple as Dr. Swalm makes it here. More, if you don’t get these things, nothing else will work. Even greater, the methods cover here work by faith. Finally, they WILL work.